Thursday / Release

Embodying Kali / Goddess of Destruction + Creation

RELEASE: What’s keeping you from your wild? Find the limiting beliefs, self judgment + old stories that are hindering you from your greatness. Release traumas, attachments to old relationships, and fears that are blocking you from your magnificence. Dive into your shadow, face the parts of yourself that you’ve been avoiding, and begin to heal sister.

Opening Ceremony / The Wild In Me Honors The Wild In You

Once you arrive, you’ll hand over your phone to the Treasure Chest, where it will stay all weekend. Does that make you anxious? Good! You’re not the only one. Disconnect to reconnect. Meet the beautiful sisters that you’ll journey with this weekend, and form lifelong friendships with. This welcoming ceremony will ask “How do you define the Wild Woman?”  

“When one woman rises, we all rise together.”

 Finding Safety In Your Shadow /  Lakeside Yoga

By the calm water, this gentle flow will close your eyes + open your senses. Return to the still place of trusting that lies within. Yoga is about self-awareness, NOT self-improvement. Release expectation + observe how you feel, what your body has to say, and how you can support her. 

“Who looks inside dreams; Who looks inside awakens.”

 Sacred Surrender Yin / Fireside Yoga

Before you open, you must close. Dive into the shadows of your physical body, specifically the hips, to release blame, shame, + old stories. In stillness, all the solutions can live- perhaps that’s why you avoid it so much.

“Speak kindly to yourself; Your body hears everything your mind says.”

Kali’s Cauldron Fire Ceremony / Shattering Shame + Guilt

Release your past to liberate your future. Offer personal items that represent what you’re finally ready to let go of (that old wedding album, a love-letter from the heartless ex, or a degree that no longer defines you)- and throw ’em to the flames! This work will call on your strength + courage.  But surrounded by sisters, you’ll feel seen and supported. It’s time.

“Anytime we suppress a part of ourselves, we are in fact suppressing all of ourselves. Though we are trained to ignore anger, we can’t work through it unless we first feel it.”


 (Photos by Melanie Ruth Photography, hair + makeup by Upstyle)