Sunday / Remember

Sunday / Embodying Radha : Goddess of Love + Devotion

REMEMBER: You ARE the Wild Woman. You were when you stepped onto this island, but the movement, ceremonies, and stories shared with your sisters allowed you to remember this. Take this home with you sister- cherish it and never forget. 

Breakfast: Vegan breakfast, fresh juice, + coffee on your dock while you journal and reflect. (After sleeping in of course- it’s Sunday after all!)

Sister Queen Coronation Ceremony

Have you always wanted to learn how to make a flower crown? We’ll break it down for you as you pick which colorful petals + ferns to use. Remember that nostalgic feeling of having your hair braided?  The Upstyle Hair + Makeup team will be on site to tame your Goddess Locks and give you the Boho natural beauty look.

“If there is to be a future, it will wear a crown of feminine design.” 

Feast Of The Goddess Brunch

For our final meal, we’ll join together on the Main Lodge dock- sippin’ in the September breeze (and mocktails!). We’ll make sure you don’t leave the island hungry. You’ll write a letter to your Future Self- to remember this incredible journey. We’ll pop that letter in the mail in 2019- it always comes at just the right time.


Sacred Sisterhood Closing Ceremony

Take your pretty selves to the open field to sing + chant Kirtan with the Hearts Wide Open Band. Kirtan is an ancient form of meditation using song- the Yoga Of Devotion. The sounds of guitar, harmonium, and cello strike you right to the core. You’ve done the WORK this weekend- now it’s time to sit in the sunny blades of grass, side by side with your sisters, and sing from your HEART.

“Wild women are an unexplainable spark of life. They ooze freedom + seek awareness. They belong to nobody but themselves, yet give a piece of who they are to everyone they meet.”