Pose Spotlight: Child’s Pose

Child’s Pose  // Sanskrit: Balasana 

The epitome of a soft + grounding posture.

Allow your third eye (forehead) to rest on the earth. Let the hips melt into the heels, arms stretched out in front of you, palms + fingertips firmly on the mat. Take a deep inhale…now exhale and soften even more in your shoulders + elbows, allowing your forearms to rest on the mat. Allow the mat against your forehead to serve  as a reminder to let the mind go and tune inward.

Benefits: This pose in available to you any time you feel you need a breather, need to slow down, or even ‘pause’ your practice. Great stretch for the lower back and shoulders.

Repeat the Mantra: “I Am Centered”

Photo: With Love Yoga + Photography

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