Our Mission

Our mission at Vasu Tribe Studio YouTube play

Our mission at VASU is to empower the art of luminous living and deep self-love, through empowering yoga classes, organic spa treatments + products, and soulful events.

We’ve created a sacred space for people to come and connect; to themselves and their community, to their body and their beauty, to their truth and to their light.

We believe….

In MAGIC. The magic that happens when you step into your light and illuminate the unique gifts that lay inside your heart, waiting to be brought into the world.

In SELF-LOVE. It’s the fuel for generosity + compassion, and in order to generously love the world around you, you must first love yourself.

In RITUAL. The grounding + strength that sacred rituals and practices bring to your busy days and dream filled nights.

In YOU. It’s your divine birth right to be luminous + joyful. Make space for yourself and your dreams, and watch the whole word around you change.

Let Vasu be the place for you to come and fill your well, ignite your spirit and open your heart, so that you can Live In Your Light.