Recurring Workshop Series

Full Moon Magic / Ceremony + Circle (One Thursday a month, 7-9pm ($50)
Join us for an evening of ritual, meditation, sharing and ceremony around the Full Moon theme. The circles are limited to 15 people, and dive deep into astrology and how it pertains to your daily life, habits, and relationships. These circles provide you with the tools for a deeper understanding of the powerful effects of the moon, and a sacred community of soul sisters + brothers.

Goddesses Of Tantra Series / Awakening Shakti / Third Thursday’s from 6-7pm ($20)

Discover the Deities with our monthly Goddess Of Tantra series hosted by Holly. One Thursday each month we’ll explore a new Goddess and learn her myths and ledgends, the powers and boons she bestows, and how to invoke and embody her archetype as an expression of the Divine Feminine.


Sip + Sutra / Embodying The Yoga Sutra ($20)

Join Natalie, Co-Founder of Vasu Studio, every month as she breaks down “The Yoga Sutras Of Patanjali.” The Yoga Sutras are an ancient foundational yogic text which are considered the primary source for the practice of yoga. This book describes the spiritual practice of yoga, explains what is is and why we practice it.

Let’s Talk Tarot / Archetypes Of The Aracana ($20)
¬†Join us on a journey into the Tarot the third Monday each month! We’ll focus on one of the major arcana cards of the deck. This event will bring us together for meditation, partner readings, group readings, intuition practice, and discussion. All levels welcome, please bring your cards if you have them. Come to one that calls to you, or come to all to master this ancient art of Divination.

Bespoke Beauty / DIY Natural Beauty Workshops ($45)

Join us for our Bespoke Beauty series and become an organic beauty chef! One Sunday each month 11-12:30, we’ll create a seasonal product using our Botanical Beauty Bar; an apothecary of high quality, organic ingredients including herbs, oils, salts, flower essences and more.