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“Rise Sister Rise: A Guide To Unleashing The Wise, Wild Woman Within” by Rebecca Campbell

This has got to be one of our favorite books here at VASU Tribe Studio! It’s one of those books you read once to absorb, again to take notes, and then again and again throughout your life.

Its divine purpose is to inspire women to rise to their feminine power to bring balance and joy back  into their lives. To step into their authentic truth, and to lead from a place of vulnerability and strength.

This book is laced with sacred rituals to call in the divine, feminine spirit, and beautiful quotes and questions to bring meaning and depth to your own journey.

My favorite message from the book, this time around, is the reminder to slow down and honor our cycles and seasons. I read this book for the first time around the Winter Solstice and it was a gentle reminder that our mission here is a life’s work, not a season. If you came to our Winter Solstice event, you heard us quote this book many times!

As entrepreneurs, leaders, and creatives, we can tend to run our businesses and endevours in a masculine energy, and must remember that as women, we have different superpowers; intuition, the ability to manifest, deep connection, and sensitivity. These attributes must be honored, and call for a different way of living.

So what has this book inspired us to do differently?

– Schedule time off during our moon-time period. This is when our body truly needs to rest and regenerate, and when we receive intuitive guidance.

– Made the word “Sacred” one of our core desired feelings¬†

– Stopped drinking coffee, and replaced it with a hot Cacao drink every morning

– Put visiting holy lands in England, Israel, and Egypt right at the top of our bucket list.

– Joined the Wild Woman Project, and launched a monthly New Moon Magic circle to honor the lunar cycle and our ability to manifest and create a life true to our desires.

Have you been following us with this month’s book? Join us in the comments below and let us know your favorite takeaway. Tag us on Instagram @vasutribe #GoodVibeBookTribe for beautiful pictures of you reading and enjoying this.

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  1. vasutribe says:

    Rebecca Campbell is coming to the US in September at the Omega Institute in New York, and we will be planning at VASU Tribe field trip! Let us know if you’re interested in joining us !

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