This weekend will peel back to the layers that are keeping you from your Wild through 4 soul stages:


You’ll learn about + embody a different Goddess each day, as you journey through all the Wild Woman archetypes. Each day is filled with yoga, meditation, delicious food, ceremony + celebration. Click each day below for a full description of workshops.


Embodying Kali : Goddess Of Destruction + Creation

RELEASE: What’s keeping you from your wild? Find the limiting beliefs, self judgment + old stories that are hindering you from your greatness. Release traumas, attachments to old relationships, and fears that are blocking you from your magnificence. Dive into your shadow, face the parts of yourself that you’ve been avoiding- begin to heal sister.


 Embodying Saraswarti: Goddess Of Music + Art

RESTORE: After an evening of breaking through barriers + facing obstacles, you’ll be cradled softly + sit in the abundant space you’ve revealed. Today is about taking care of YOU. Restore your light + rest your bones through moving meditation, a pampering Goddess Spa day, and asking for what it is you really want

Embodying Lalita: Goddess Of Sensuality + Sexuality

RETURN: The wild woman moves her hips, unafraid to take up space. She ask for what she wants, unapologetically. Return to your primal sensuality through uninhibited dance. Open your creative potential though the wisdom of the sacral chakra, clearing trauma with ceremony + meditation.

 Embodying Radha : Goddess of Love + Devotion

REMEMBER: You ARE the Wild Woman. You were when you stepped onto this island, but the movement, ceremonies, and stories shared with your sisters allowed you to remember this. Take this home  sister- cherish it and never forget.

(Photos by Melanie Ruth Photography, Hair + Makeup by Upstyle)