Friday / Restore

Friday / Embodying Saraswarti: Goddess Of Wisdom, Music + Art 

RESTORE: After an evening of breaking through barriers + facing obstacles, you’ll be cradled softly + sit in the abundant space you’ve revealed. Today is about taking care of YOU. Restore your light + rest your bones through moving meditation, a pampering Goddess Spa day, and asking for what it is you REALLY want.

Breakfast : Vegan breakfast, fresh juice + coffee on your dock while you journal + reflect


Explore  / Movement Meditation with The Dance Collective.

Restore an appreciation for your body and her unique mobility + grace. Put your emotions in motion and explore how it feels to move through joy, ecstasy and bliss. Use your body as a tool for transformation.

“Movement is the perfect opportunity to be curious about who we are.” 


Island Downtime

Got that book you’ve been meaning to read all summer? Kick back on a hammock and take it all in.

 Goddess Spa Day: Bespoke Beauty 

The Vasu Apothecary is joining us on the island! Get hands-on with healing herbs and learn the physical + spiritual benefits of Mother Nature’s finest plants. Restore your body with DIY spa treatments in the cozy main lodge. Take your creations home to keep the self-care flowing. This is your day to be pampered!

“There are days I drop words of comfort on myself like falling leaves, and remember that it is enough to be taken care of by myself.” 

Cacao + Rose Gratitude Meditation and Ceremony

Return to the throne of your heart. Cacao is the elixir of the Heart Chakra- allowing you to connect with yourself + others in a deeper, more loving way. Rose is the medicine of the Goddess, peeling open the layers of your heart + softening your edges. In this ceremony you’ll sit in circle around a beautiful Rose altar and express what you’re deeply grateful for, honoring the abundance within and all around you.

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.” 


Reboot: Restorative Yoga with Live Guitar

Restorative yoga utilizes supportive props, eye pillows + blankets to deliver a deeply relaxing + nourishing yoga practice. This gentle candle lit yoga class will be outside in the September air on the lakeside dock. In the quiet of dusk, you’ll hold grounding postures as you close your eyes and tune-in to the gentle symphony of your heart. Musician Zaqqara will be serenading you with her soft voice + acoustic guitar with harmonies tuned to the Heart Chakra.

“Life is a song, love is the music.” 


New Moon Circle / Manifesting Magic  + Witnessing Wishes

To honor the Virgo New Moon, you’ll sit in circle circle in the open field at the heart of the island as tiki torches ignite the darkness of night. This Manifestation ceremony will guide you toward a clear, open, and brave heart. How do you want to feel moving forward? Free, joyful, abundant…magic? Each Goddess will write down their desired feelings for the following ceremony.

High Priestess Power / Fire Ceremony 

Use the transformative alchemy of fire to send your wishes to the ethers above. This ceremony is a celebration of all the ideas, relationships, and dreams you want to bring to life. The New Moon is a time  to plant seeds- the energy in the air is fertile during this time- sisters, we are dreaming BIG tonight!

(Photos by Melanie Ruth Photography, Diego Bernard Photography, Erin Miles Photography/ hair + makeup by Upstyle)