Closing Facebook To Open To The Now

My love and I just spent over a week in a little town I call my personal paradise, Puerto Veijo in Costa Rica. I left my phone and iPad at home, bringing with with me the desire to sleep, to surrender and to stay present.

With divine timing , the book “The Power Of Now, by Eckhart Tolle” fell into my lap at the airport bookstore. While reading, I vowed to disconnect from my thoughts, and to stay completely present this trip. I feel like a whole new woman!

The past two years have been incredibly fulfilling and exciting, launching two brands, and expanding in all directions. What joy it is to bring your dreams into reality! My soul deeply needed some rest, and I was eager to have some space to receive new ideas and downloads from the creative muse.

Not being dialed into technology this vacation was the most rewarding and relaxing part of it all…although the rainbows and sunsets were equally as charging!

I realized how much of a distraction our little phones can be. Dings for text messages, rings for calls…alerts for emails, comments to respond to on Instagram, messages on Yelp, and those pesky little red numbers on Facebook that increase by the minute. And as a business owner, we have personal and brand pages to manage, which doubles the dings.

Every little notification takes away a little does of our energy for the day, and it all adds up pretty quickly. As I started to fill my energy reserves in the rain forest, I began to reflect on how to protect this charge. I heard two simple words from my deepest self ; close Facebook.

Yes. Close Facebook. I almost felt a relief hearing this permission slip granted to me. How are we to really enjoy the taste and smell of our delicious meal if we are busy finding the right angle to photo it? How are we supposed to embrace our beauty in this very moment if we are searching for just the right filter? How are we supposed to drink in the pure nectar of the moment, when we are distracted by tagging in?

So I’m disconnecting to reconnect.

Checking out, to check back in.

Signing off, to receive the signs I’m recieving in this very moment.

Lifitng up my chin from this little device, and looking up at the beautiful world around me. Engaging with the people and moments that are embracing me.

I’ve got books to read, books to write, kisses to enjoy, meals to savor, moments to relish, and magic to make + protect. This year I’m dedicating myself to more magic, and this is just step one to a more luminous existence.

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Wishing you the nectar of Now, xo



  1. Edessa says:

    I love this so much! Many times I get the same message and it took going to cali to live in the mountains with no service no wifi or phone access to really just unplug. It was then when I found my true bliss and love of life, love of being present. My connection to everything around me, trees, bugs, lizards, deer, wild turkeys all the animal kingdom and spirit world got super charged and I finally felt the oneness I have been seeking outside of myself for so long. I support your movement with disconnecting to reconnect to what truly gives us purpose here. Love you loads! Xo

    • vasutribe says:

      Thank you lovely! And I’m so glad you have been having a beautiful soul searching journey. We look forward to sharing our new space with You! Much love xo

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