Breathing Into Forgiveness

We are so excited to be having Lydia Mandell, Conscious Breathworker, in our studio Sunday March 12th 11am-2pm for her Breathe Into Forgiveness Workshop. Here’s an introduction to Lydia!

“Hi,  I’m Lydia Mandell. You may have seen me participating in some of the workshops at VASU Tribe. I am so excited to be writing this guest blog and want to express my gratitude to Holly and Natalie for inviting me to write and to create a workshop in their beautiful space.

I practice Conscious Connected Breathwork with individuals and groups to remove negative energy from the body and create feelings of aliveness. In my Coaching work, I help people align with their desires and create the lives they are longing for. I love working with people’s energies and helping them stand in their power and align with their truest purpose.

So, how did I get here? Believe me, it was not a straight or structured path. My job as a therapist was burning me out. I felt stuck in my profession and felt like I had to stay because there were no other options.

I was faced with uncertainty about how to proceed until my path stared me right in the face at, of all places, a burlesque (I am also a performer) conference. I met someone who practices Conscious Connected Breathwork and literally kept running into her throughout the conference.

I had been on a spiritual path for a while but the path became clearer. I NEEDED to explore this work to move some of this negative energy from my body. The negative stuff was holding me back from tapping into my true desires. About halfway through my time receiving Breathwork sessions with her, I decided to quit my job and start Breathwork training. That was the start.

Over the past few years, I have been building my business and getting clearer and more focused by trusting my intuitions and trusting the Universe. My latest offering is Coaching. My desire is to share my gifts of deep connectivity and alignment with my clients to create flow, wisdom, and magic in everyday life.

I would love to connect with you at my first workshop at VASU Tribe.

It’s called Breathe Into Forgiveness and it’s happening on March 12, 2017 from 11:00am-2:00pm. We will be using the power of the breath to create space for a forgiveness practice in our lives. We will be writing, sharing, breathing together for a full hour, and you will receive a special Forgiveness Essential Oil Blend and a Forgiveness Notebook.

I am so excited to help you let go by practicing forgiveness.

Click HERE to sign up.

The last thing I will say is that the woman who introduced me to this work is now a dear friend and will be officiating my wedding. It’s amazing how the Universe works.


Lydia Mandell

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