Our empowering yoga classes are all levels, with the teachers giving modifications if you need them. We provide complimentary yoga mats and props for use. Each class is tailored around creating a feeling through the flow, music and aromatherapy used. How do you want to feel? CLICK HERE to book a class


Skip rush hour and unwind after your busy day. This energizing + uplifting class will shake off the day’s worries + stress, bringing you out of your head and back into your body. Incorporating vinyasa flow + power breathing.

Aromatherapy: “I Am Here” // Lavender + Chamomile + Vetiver

// TIME OUT //

For the busy bees who needs a well deserved mid-day break. Re-boot your body and mind, take some refreshing deep breaths, and get moving during this class. (FREE on Wednesdays!)

Aromatherapy: “I Am Awake” // Lemongrass + Rosemary + Peppermint


After a busy day caring for everyone else, take this class as a moment for yourself. This flowy candlelit class is soft + nurturing, opening your heart, releasing any stress, and getting you ready for night time.

Aromatherapy : “I Am Love” // Rose + Jasmine + Patchouli + Ylang-Ylang


Wind down from the weekend and make space for the week ahead with this nurturing + inspiring candlelit class. The class is a vin/yin flow (half vinyasa, half yin). Move your body with your breath to begin, and target your joints and ligaments in lying postures at the end. Added bonus?… getting home just in time for Game Of Thrones.

Aromatherapy : “I Am Restored” // Arnica + Calendula + Tea Tree

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