Sunday, October 15th, 10am-12noon, Donation Based

Indian Summer: Yoga + Hike Fundraiser

We’re hosting a community hike + yoga up Talcott Mountain in the peak of foliage in New England. How divine will that view be from the top as we flow together on our yoga mats?! We’re turning this event into a community fundraiser. Natalie + Holly are heading to India next year to complete their Kundalini Yoga training and we’re asking for help from the community to fund this incredible experience!

Click HERE to donate to our Indian summer Fundraiser. Thank you for your support!

Saturday, October 28th, 7-9pm, $50

Dark God/dess: Honor Your Shadow Yoga

Our Mantra at Vasu is “Live In Your Light”, but we give equal attention to “Honor Your Dark”. Our shadow, where we hide our anger, guilt, sensuality, and shame, is where our strength and power reside. When we give ourselves the space to explore the darker shades of our soulspace, we can bring our supressed energies into the light, moving them through our bodies and into our being. Dark God/dess is an evening of ritual, Kali mantra, yoga and music. These tools will allow you to move your darkness around and take your power out of it’s hiding place. Tickets include yoga class + ritual. Each guest recieves a Dark God/dess Bath Soak and black raven feather altar peice.